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Finished Cross Stitch

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of every cross stitch piece I’ve ever done. I’m missing in particular a wedding sampler I made for my friend Shannon and her husband in 1997(?) and my first big piece, Cats Cats Cats by JanLynn that I finished sometime between 1996 and 2000. I know where the wedding sampler is, but I’m not in touch with Shannon anymore. As for the Cats piece, I cannot for the life of me remember where it is. I have a bad feeling I accidentally left it at an ex-boyfriend’s house who I do NOT want to get back in contact with. Oh, well.

I’ve arranged these by year as best I could. When available, I’ve notated designer, fabric used, etc.

Prior to 2000

My first ever cross stitch piece, completed when I was taking Arts and Textiles in 4-H.


Second ever completed cross stitch piece. I remember that counting out the stitches for the trees drove me bonkers. As did the French Knots for the fence posts.


Dimensions kit?


Tale of Two Kitties by Calico Crossroads. Gato colors modified by me for my roommate Sara.


Stretch the Magic Dragon by TW Designworks. Stitched 1×1 on 18 count Aida (ouch!). Framed by me and given to my husband when I was wooing him. 🙂


Freebie ornament from Witches Stitches (now out of business). Stitched with DMC on perforated plastic.


Hollyhock Bookmark by Textile Heritage. I got this kit when I went to Scotland in 2003. I also used waste Aida to transfer this pattern onto a pillowcase in 2004. Both gifts were for my mom, who loves this flower.


Dimensions kit. Stitched for my friend Julia because we used to reminisce about the Garfield and Friends cartoon when we were at college.


Beginner’s Whitework Ornament by TW Designworks. Completed April 2004.


Hemmed Bookmark from Jane Greenoff’s The Cross Stitcher’s Bible.


Exotic Butterflies (Dimensions Kit). I replaced the bullion stitch bodies with brown seed beads because I couldn’t make the bullion stitches.


I was really ticked off that the couple I made this for wasn’t more appreciative. This was my own design, using art nouveau roses from a design by Jude Hanlon and a little wedding statement I found online.


I made this wedding sampler for my grad school roommate and her husband. They are both brilliant botanists and chemists, who love armadillos (hey, don’t look at me, I love gatos). The armadillo is from Jan Brett’s artwork, Bo the Armadillo. The cross stitch pattern is a freebie from her site. And it is one of the crappiest patterns I’ve ever had to work with. No backstitching at all, even though the sample clearly intends this. This was agonizing to stitch. I was really happy with the poem, written by me, filled with personal bits just for my dear friends. Here’s the poem in it’s entirety:

The noble armadillo knows

That true lasting love can grow

Amidst the Magnolia and Hypericum

Serenaded softly by the honeybee’s hum.

For these species are fantastic

(Even when molded in plastic):

When loved and hunted for mile after mile

They end up shading the walk down the aisle.


Seaside Sampler by Silkweaver. It was a kit with Stranded by the Sea variegated threads. I needed something relatively simple after Bo the Armadillo.


I spent the end of 2006 making Christmas ornaments for friends and family from Just Cross Stitch’s Christmas Ornaments 10th Anniversary Collection book.

Christmas Cardinal by Kitty and Me Designs.


Rose Garden Ornament by Wren Song Designs.


Hardanger Oval Ornament by Nordic Needle.


Merry Christmas by Glory Bee.


Peace Tree by M Designs.


This is not from the ornament book. I got this freebie alphabet online somewhere and stitched it 1×1 with some silk thread I got probably from Hobby Lobby. I made this specifically for my brother-in-law and his wife.


This is another Textile Heritage kit I got in Scotland in 2003. The lavender that came with it still had a lovely scent in 2007. I keep this with my unmentionables.


QS Fantavisions by Heaven and Earth Designs. Artwork by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. I stitched this 2×1 on 18ct Aida with DMC threads. It took me 10 months of stitching during my lunch hour. Framed professionally.


Olé by Papillion Creations (online freebie). Stitched 2×2 on 18ct Aida with DMC 115.


Sweetheart Tree’s Teeny Birth Announcement, with suggested threads. Framed professionally.


One Response to “Finished Cross Stitch”

  1. Margaret said

    I love the stitching you have done. You are like me, in that I havent taken photos of all the things I have stitched. But I have tried to keep up to date over the past 10 years 🙂

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